Bringing your ideas to life throughout a precise design process, for a stronger online and offline presence. Medunecer Design is active in the following areas:

• Character Design      • Packaging/POP Design       

Character Design

Mascot and character design add a funny detail to your website or product or a service in an unusual and amusing way. All the characters are custom created for the client; no clip art, just original content. The design process starts with the brief supplied by the client. After the first sketches and revisions, once the client is satisfied, the final version of the character is created. It could be a 2D character and/or a 3D character. The main advantage of a 3D character is that it’s ready to be used in a 3D animation. Forfurther informations or for a free quote, send a mail to:

Packaging/POP Design

High resolution 2D/3D graphics for Packaging and/or Point of Purchase.